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Special Projects

Technodyne and its staff have been involved in the design and supply of one-of-a-kind test facilities and special engineering projects for over 30 years, particularly for the following types of facilities:

  • Aircraft tyre, wheel and brake high speed test dynamometers and static testers
  • Dynamic and static testers for truck tyres and off-road vehicles
  • Special test facilities for aircraft landing gears, such as drop rigs
  • Airport runway (pavement) dynamic test machines
  • Test facilities for aircraft sub-systems, such as fuel systems, vibration rigs
  • Test rigs for general industrial applications, for example, gearbox test rigs (mechanical and regenerative), automotive equipment, special measurement equipment
  • Aero engine component testers such as vacuum spin rigs, blade testers, casing rigs
  • Special purpose rigs for testing military vehicle components such as main battle tank suspensions